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Workforce Performance Monitoring

Workforce health and SOCIAL distancing monitor

Industry 4.0 is based on digitalization and automation enables new approaches to assess and increase productivity. The assessment of productivity to increase the performance of projects is not a one-time job. The systematic control of operations brings immediate awareness of specific aspects of the activities under development to provide the needed information for decision-making within an agile management environment.
Current technological advances enable new methods of data collection that increase reliability and real-time information. Also, recent innovations in micro and nanotechnology allow for the sustained assessments of each worker’s task performance.

Worker-Centred Methodology

Workforce-centred productivity transformation is possible by inspiring people to embrace 4.0 innovations. The challenge of increasing productivity will be achieved by making the task processes easier, with less effort, more autonomous and implementing technology to measure performance.


ProdYoup is an App that gives you a sequence of tools to assess office work productivity:
– Creating the tasks roadmap on the app.
– Setting the specifications for each task, such as priority, place and expected duration.
– Evaluating your performance by metrics and charts.

Workforce health and

SOCIAL distancing monitor

High precision social distancing monitor with less infrastructure needed using Ultra-wideband and Bluetooth. Indication options that include buzzer, haptic motor, LED, GPIO, and deliver:
– Social distancing monitor.
– Collision avoidance between vehicles.
– Collision avoidance between humans and vehicles.
– And also, it can provide the mapping of: Site evacuation, no-go zones, confined spaces.
– Productivity zone and idleness occupation.


Prodworker is an App to collect workforce geolocation, velocity, time, QRcode, and others.
It is a Web-based software to store and analyse data, delivering:
– Production Processes control.
– Absenteeism control.
– Off-site idleness assessment.

Workforce Performance Monitoring

Cutting edge scientific methodologies to perform detailed analysis, capable of determining the task processes and thus enabling the understanding of technological processes conversion and the diagnosis of inefficiencies. Worker 4.0® Productivity Method focusing workforce is established at Nano Level analysis of multiple factors such as location, movement, gestures, and even physiology (e.g. fatigue and concentration level).

Workforce health


social distancing monitor

Partnership products

LEAPS is a technological company based in Prague, Czech Republic.
• Distance monitor and indication between stand-alone mobile devices.
• Infrastructure-less system.
• Can be used indoors and outdoors.
• Reliable distance precision of 30 cm or better in harsh environments.
• Uses Ultra-wideband and Bluetooth wireless technology to balance the best precision and low power consumption (based on DWM1001C module).
• Indication options that include buzzer, haptic motor, LED, GPIO.
• Battery lifetime of 2-4 operating days using 750 mAh LiPo at 2 Hz update rate (depending on device density).
• Accelerometer is used to reduce the update rate or to disable the measurements when not in motion.
• Configurable parameters: update rate, distance thresholds, network ID and accelerometer sensitivity.
• API: UART, SPI, on-module Shell, Bluetooth (in future version).
• Optional on-module logger of measurement statistics.
• Optional statistical or real-time measurement data can be offloaded via bridges or gateways.

What We Offer

APP source code

Both Prodyoup and Prodworker can be customized to meet your specific needs. The apps source code can also be provided to you so that you can continue the development as you wish.


LEAPS is an advanced modular system under development and will be marketed under the LEAPS brand. PANS can be considered the Lite version of LEAPS (Freemium model).
Website: h​ttps://
E-mail: s​ [email protected]

Workforce Performance Monitoring

Through the methodologies developed and with the application of solutions in hardware and software, our services for measuring and assessing the performance of work-teams productivity are designed according to the needs of each client.

Diagnosis 4.0 and innovation plan

A service to help your company to diagnose your current technological development stage, and jointly design a plan for digitising and automating your production processes.


Firstly, it is crucial to make your workforce aware of technological innovations. Workers need to realize the benefits that technology will bring to their work routine. Afterwards, it is necessary to train workers in the use of devices and technologies.


In the context of Management 4.0 with a focus on improving productivity, a specialized consultancy service integrating three specific fields: Software, Hardware, and Performance Mapping.

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